Day 49 & 50 – Kennedy Meadows

Day 49 – mile ~685 to Kennedy Meadows General Store, 17.2 miles

May 11, 2016

I’m on trail by 6:30am, motivated to get to Kennedy Meadows for a late lunch. I cover 7 miles by 9am, and 12.87 miles by 11:30am. It’s getting hot and there is little to no shade on this section of trail. I had anticipated more trees this close to the Sierras, but a fire burned them down. So I keep moving, thinking about drinking a cold beer and sitting in the shade of the Kennedy Meadows General Store porch. Continue reading

Day 47 & 48 – Reunion

Hey, sorry for the lack of posts. I flew home May 20 and have been grieving for my hike. I’ve also been sitting on a half dozen posts, and I’m finally ready to share them.

Day 47 – Walker Pass to mile ~669, 17.47 miles

May 9, 2016

Arrow and I are up at 5am and catch the first bus to the Red Rooster café. After breakfast we unsuccessfully attempt to hitch to Walker Pass, so we take another bus as far as we can, to the end of the line. Continue reading

Day 41 & 42 – Back on trail

Day 41 – Hwy 58 to Golden Oaks Spring, 16.84 miles

I’m up at 6am because we’re supposed to be out the door at 7am. But we’re not. The six of us pile into the pickup truck and Jeanie drives us to Tehachapi where we stop at the grocery store. I eat an old fashioned donut and a bagel for breakfast. We all stuff our food purchases into our packs and head back to the trail. Continue reading